Vanessa Hagemann

Make-up • Hair

München • Hamburg • Berlin

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After completing her secondary school education, Vanessa began her career with a two-year training as film and stage cosmetologist.
This young talent knew early on the direction she would follow. That's why she persued further education after she finished her training. Here she was able to hone her skills and knowledge in the areas of haristyling and make-up techniques for HDTV as well as airbrush, in all of which she enjoyed demonstrating her ability.
After sucessfully completing her education, she was often found in the theater, but that wasn't enough for her. She concentrated on photography and TV. The reason for this was her love for the precise work, variety, new challenges as well as the travel and the people.
Vaness can be booked for anywhere in Germany; her ambition, however, is an international career.

"I love to create a perfect, even and yet natural complexion on which I can then, as if on an untouched canvas, shadow, model and design sensational eye make-up and looks." Vanessa H.

Languages: German, English, French