Theresia Pistel

Make-up • Hair • Training

Köln • Berlin • New York

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From the beginning, Theresia had a clear goal: make-up and hairstyling artist.
Determinedly, she successfully completed her training as hairstylist and then took advantage of an additional one-year training to become a make-up artist.

Since then she's been working free-lance, specializing in photography, TV, show and training.

She continues to expand her knowledge through courses and seminars, which have taken her to London, Munich and New York City.

She pursues her way relentlessly, always searching for absolute perfection. That's what drives her and gives her her considerable energy and inspiration.

Theresia currently lives and works mainly in the Frankfurt am Main area. She is, however, available for jobs throughout Germany and internationally.

"€œThis profession is the best thing that could have and has ever happened to me because it is as exciting as life: you never know what the next day will bring. You only know that it will be different and that you can always discover new and wonderful things."€ Theresia P.

Languages: German, English