Melanie Horn

Make-up • Hair

Düsseldorf • Dortmund • München

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Melli has always mastered her tasks with fervor and dedication.
After completing her training as a foreign language secretary and obtaining her technical diploma, she spent two months in the USA, where she improved her skills in English.
She became quickly aware, however, that despite her diligence, her chosen field of work did not really fulfill her. She started looking into other opportunities and quickly found what she really wanted and what she missed: the contact with trends, make-up, hair and creativity.
Without much delay she soon completed a one-year training as artist for make-up and hair in order to fulfill her dream. She then began her life as a free-lancer.
Detail-oriented and tactful, Melli has work for numerous clients, primarily in the Rhein-Main area. She is, however, available to work all over Germany.

"You can only be good at what you're doing when you love what you're doing. I have found my dream job as a make-up artist and appreciate all facets that it has brought me." Melanie H.

Languages: German, English, French